Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Start At The Beginning

If I could put into words the awesome faithfulness of my God this last year, then I would. But I said I would start at the beginning and so shall. New, that is what he makes everything and it is wonderful. Without renewal life would be so dreary and lacklustre, and so I stand here at the start and marvel at the seeds that are sprouting. Beholding the promises and knowing that only by his love I can completely grasp their meaning. Because it is his kingdom, his and only his that I want to live in. And I say that and I live another thing so often but I am determined to just keep looking up from myself and someday the looking down will fade and I will only stare into heaven. Not just times when the curtains are opened and then slowly draw closed again but an eternity of his glory. So yes he is faithful. And that is what I want to be.