Tuesday, October 15, 2013


 I sat down at my piano last night. And an hour and a half later I came in and somehow I couldn't really give an account of that time except it felt that as I played and words fell out of my mouth, that clarity seemed to unravel before me and re-thread thoughts together. The underlying tumult of the last few months seemed to calm itself as my mind followed in the way of the truthful one. Because in the presence of one who adores you things start to feel possible again. As I gave myself over to his process I could start to see the light that it would bring, that even though we wander sometimes the light is always there and he will come again and renew our eyes so we can see it.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Grace Upon Grace

One can not linger forever in the mire of hopelessness when right next to you is one whose hope over you is never ending. Over and over again he calls us. Up! And out! And we try and we sometimes stumble and he stoops and he pulls and gently lifts. And we see his beauty and he looks at us and we hide because we feel so grimy. But he says: 'No. Your brokenness does not define you. What defines you is me. Will you let me help you?' And brokenness is beautiful when he comes and breathes his life and what was broken is renewed and restored and grace shines radiantly upon us. Because where grace rests, he is.