Friday, March 29, 2013


And we walk onward. Into the fire waterfall. And it falls on us, burning yet refreshing, like some age old medicine that exposes and heals wounds. And it draws out the bitter drops of pain, and as it draws it seems so slow. But then the ashes start to fall away.
And as we just keep walking on, walking in deeper we suddenly realize that we are not alone. In fact we are with a Lion. And he gently looks at us. And we see that he is passionate this Lion, he always has been. Since the beginning of the walk, he has been there. Suddenly we begin to realize, he has never left us. And his heart, this lion heart. It beats like a drum and he roars. He roars and he swipes his glorious victorious paw at anything that comes up against us with such anger that we wonder. And sinking deep into our hearts is the realization that this Lion, he would do anything to keep harm from us. Anything. And as we walk we get tired. But we know, oh we know we must keep going. And suddenly we are sitting in rippling fur, and oh. He has us on his back and he is carrying us. Deep, deep, deep and thick and soft and scented with love is his fur. Falling back, our muscles sigh and we rest. And this rest is so sweet that the tears fall mingled with surprise and joy because suddenly? We are home.