Friday, January 29, 2010


Yes. I hardly ever get sick so the last few days have made me realise again what it must be like for the poor people that never get well. On Wednesday evening when I first started to feel rather bad I struggled to read the beginning of Lilith by George MacDonald. Struggled. Finally I put it down. Too sick to think clearly. The next day I slept, hid from the courier man when he knocked on the door, lay on the couch and didn't eat a thing until a few crackers in the evening.
Then today feeling a lot better I read When Heaven Weeps by Ted Dekker. It was incredible, a truthful painful story. I couldn't stop. I will try Lilith again I think.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Farewell Marie

I hate saying goodbye. Marie came into my life last year, as a rather reserved German Au pair. I got to know her and found that underneath her quiet exterior was a bubbly, laughing, witty friend. She left yesterday to go to Sydney, another job calling. And after that she will go back to Germany to begin her studies. I went out to say goodbye. Saying goodbye to someone you have gotten to know quite well and not knowing when you will ever see them again is so saddening, especially when they do not share the same faith. When I came back and got in the car to drive home Sara Grove's latest cd was playing and it started in right at the beginning of this song.
Which made me cry harder. I can't imagine what I would do if the friends I have known since childhood moved away. And I am not even going to try.
Farewell Marie. I will see you again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wedding By The Lake

Early morning. The bride all glorious within. Sweet jasmine bouquet, scented with a mothers hope.

After the ceremony. Long waited for kisses, by the lake.

Joy overflowing onto the faces of our beautiful friends.

Groomsman and bridesmaid. Brother and sister.

Cowboys. Some from Vanuatu. Some from New Zealand. Some from Australia.

Driving away in the evening light, golden fields glowed and murmured. May your love remain.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Assessment Day

I was phoned Tuesday and informed that I could complete the first and final assessment for my Suzuki teaching the very next Tuesday in Auckland. So ensued an extremely mad week! Preparation, filming lessons, polishing pieces, studying teaching points as well as making a wedding cake for a friend and being involved in her upcoming wedding.
I decided to invite a German friend who I have been getting to know recently. Marie has been Au pairing for a family I know and I knew it would be nice to have someone to keep me from stewing too much on the drive down. We went down early and shopped on Queen St, I found my bridesmaid shoes in Vulcan lane and then showed Marie around Ponsonby.
But the dreaded assessment loomed large on the horizon and by the time I got there I felt like I would burst into tears. The assessors were absolutely lovely and so encouraging. I teared up a little after I played my pieces but the rest of it went so well and I think I passed. Still waiting for the official results though!
The incredible relief afterward was wonderful so we went shopping again to celebrate. Sushi for dinner at a charming little place that had a cat asleep on the floor. Quite funny.
Helga the GPS saved us from many a wrong turn and though she talked a little too much( hence her name) we couldn't have done it without her. Small town girl that I am.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jet Ski Journey To Oakura

Catch up time. Almost two weeks ago now when I was in the middle of assessment preparation I took a day off at the beach. We all journeyed over in groups on the back of our trusty jet ski to a little pebbly cove where the only sign of human life (other than us) was the odd passing yacht. Bliss.

We lay eating oranges that Jeanna (a new american friend) had bought and found out more about her life. We explored the little rise behind the bay and burnt our shoulders in the hot sun.

A little walk up from the beach back into the bush it felt even more isolated. Such stillness and calm. Perfect conditions for mossy logs as well.

The jet ski was in use the whole time, taking people wakeboarding and used as a diving platform. And tipping off the odd tired person!

I fell off just at the very end when we had pulled up to the shore after traveling back, fully dressed, so I can't talk.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where Flowers Should Be Growing

...these are growing instead. Plant in the wrong place? Maybe. Just as lovely as a flower? Definitely.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Briar Hunts Caterpillars

I looked out the window the other day to see Briar and her little friend intensely searching among the brassicas for caterpillars. Their hunt was very successful and the poor green creatures were given rides upon the noses of their captors. All rather exciting if you have lived your entire life on a cabbage no doubt.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cake Making

Yesterday these cake tins, and another one unseen, were filled to the brim with chocolate mud cake batter and then put into the oven for a long time. Not all at once of course. So in between mixing up yet another batch of cake mixture, my lovely friend Laura and I sat down at the kitchen table. And caught up on life.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Spring has changed to Summer since I last wrote. I finished work with the vegetables, not sure what I'm going to do next! A dear Uncle and cousins visited for a whirlwind of a week. Mum and I had a birthday. The holidays began. A darling baby girl was born to a friend. Christmas quietly crept up and then left again. And a never before lived year started! And there is more change just around the corner. An assessment of my teaching. The wedding of lovely friends; I'm a bridesmaid and Ben's a groomsman. And a new job, waiting for me somewhere. Another close friend is courting. Briar's birthday. So many good things.
But sometimes I find it hard to see the abundance and joy of life. I look ahead and wrinkle my brow. With God's grace I want to be like the lilies.