Saturday, October 24, 2009

Early Strawberries

Ripe luscious strawberries. Some were a little too ripe so I sorted through them today under the blue sky, with a caramel coffee to sip. Just the sort of undemanding task that freshens a weary soul. Now I have to decide what to make with them!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Once a Year

Plum purple roses, on the bush that suddenly appeared one day, creeping out from under the fence. Planted many many years ago by the townspeople I imagine, as there are bushes like it in other gardens around here. It's scent is almost wine like in it's intensity and once a year it fleetingly flowers, a few weeks of purple jewels that I treasure.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pouring Out

It was almost everywhere I turned today. In a person's eyes, the way they talked to their child, the answers to my "how are you?" People, precious people, carrying loads of heaviness and limping along. Blinded to your love. Lost in a world in which not many people seem to care and if they do it's not enough anyway. Where do you want me God? Where? Because the pain, the need, it's seemingly everywhere...EVERYWHERE. And I want to be where I am supposed to be. Realising afresh that when I serve, that is when I am happiest. When I give I start to lose sight of myself and my grasping wants. The inward stagnation that occurs after focusing to much on myself evaporates. When I pour out the water flows and it brings me alive. And I want that. Glibly said and easy to just want it I know. But with You as my foundation I will press on.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Wives and Daughters Weekend

Wives and Daughters has to be one of my favorite movies. Based on the book written by Elizabeth Gaskell, it beautifully portrays unselfishness and love through it's heroine and is also filled with exquisite dresses and English houses. I adore it! A gaggle of us girls assembled at a friends house this weekend to watch it, among other things. Things like walking down the country road to the very old church that can be seen across the fields from the windows of her house. And preaching one minute sermons on any subject without saying 'um' from the little pulpit. Or the copious drinking of iced tea, not to mention the tea party that we dressed up for. Yes dressed up for in 1950's bridesmaid dresses, nightgowns and even a wedding dress. Quite the event I must say.