Sunday, May 17, 2009

In Search of an Apple Tree

Briar and I went on a little outing yesterday to buy an Apple tree. On a rainy day last year she randomly remarked that she would like to plant one. I thought it would be quite fun to do one day and yesterday off we went. After wandering around the farmers market we had breakfast in the garden centre's cafe; a gorgeous tea house that serves tea in antique china cups. Briar chose Strawberries and Cream tea which we shared along with a croissant and in Briar's words "a very rich slice". So cute. It was all very delicious and then we went to look for the apple trees. There were none to be found! Apparently they aren't sold until June. I was a bit more concerned than Briar however, she was more interested in exploring the garden centre. So we bought a pretty stock plant in a pot to give to Mum instead.

Then we stopped to take photos in the rose gardens, Briar loved the wishing well. "It's like the well in Snow White".
It was a very fun morning. And we might just have to do it again in June!

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