Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swiss Saturday

Two and a half years ago I went to Switzerland (along with quick visits to France, Austria and Italy). I have lots of memories of the time I spent there and many photos so I have decided to post one every Saturday. I'll start with this icy tree that was sitting on top of a sunshiny hill we visited. As the Swiss would say 'so schon'.


Anonymous said...


So strange to see snow! We are cooking here in the typical hot August weather!
I hope your exam went well!!


Sarah said...

Hi Silvana! I probably didn't explain it very well but that photo is from when I went to Switzerland two years ago. We don't actually get snow where I live in New Zealand unfortunately but it is still winter here as evidenced by the ice on the cars this morning. =) I still have three days to go till my exam, it will be a lovely feeling to have it finished. Enjoy the hot summery weather!