Friday, September 4, 2009

A Spring Tea Party

This week there were so many reasons to throw a tea party I threw busyness to the wind and plunged into planning one. Friends leaving, a friend coming back, a friend who had just had a birthday and the simple fact that Spring was here! So I pulled out glasses and teacups, cake stands and flowery throws and cooked late into Wednesday night.

Arriving at the park everything got set up under a big and rather cantankerous tree, which with the help of a fresh spring wind sent its leaves and twigs flying towards us the entire time. Perhaps it was annoyed we didn't share the Rosewater glazed madeleines with it.

We talked of many things, buying a one way ticket to Europe among them. If only.

A Spring cake was cut and consumed.

Though many things have changed over the years we have all known each other, some things never do. Like our laughter about the craziest things. And our love for chocolate. And the feeling that when we are together problems seem to be less worrying than before.
Pink macarons with chocolate filling. There's the chocolate I mentioned.

It was a lovely morning, leaves and all.
So looking forward to the next one!


Anonymous said...

What a perfect way to celebrate spring! I could see that it's well under way by the green grass in one of your photos. You sure do know how to throw a top notch tea party. The food looks delicious!

Sarah said...

Why thank you. =) I would throw them every day if I could..hehe.