Monday, October 5, 2009

Wives and Daughters Weekend

Wives and Daughters has to be one of my favorite movies. Based on the book written by Elizabeth Gaskell, it beautifully portrays unselfishness and love through it's heroine and is also filled with exquisite dresses and English houses. I adore it! A gaggle of us girls assembled at a friends house this weekend to watch it, among other things. Things like walking down the country road to the very old church that can be seen across the fields from the windows of her house. And preaching one minute sermons on any subject without saying 'um' from the little pulpit. Or the copious drinking of iced tea, not to mention the tea party that we dressed up for. Yes dressed up for in 1950's bridesmaid dresses, nightgowns and even a wedding dress. Quite the event I must say.

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