Monday, February 22, 2010

Whale Bay

We spent Saturday afternoon at Whale bay with Robyn. It was a stunning afternoon, the water was glassy and there were hardly any people there. Later in the afternoon we all went for a walk to one end of the beach and then turned around and walked to the other end. Robyn was sea shell hunting for most of our walk, stooping down to pick up the ones she liked. When we got to the other end suddenly she exclaimed "Where are my glasses?". And the hunt was on. She had had them tucked into her top so they must have fallen off when she was bending down for the shells we deduced. I quickly looked back on the photos I had taken and could see roughly where she had them on and where she didn't so we all went and searched that stretch of the beach. What a mission, they weren't on the sand so into the water we waded, combing the sand for any trace of her expensive prescription glasses. We couldn't see them anywhere but kept looking and just when we were about to give up a man came running down to us to ask if we had lost something. Explaining what happened he joined in the search and then his wife joined in and no sooner had she walked into the water we heard her yell and looked around to see her waving the glasses in the air! Robyn cried and hugged her, they were beaming at us and then after a little chat we said goodbye with Robyn wishing them a nice life. It was the best ending to a gorgeous afternoon.

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