Thursday, July 8, 2010

Second Summer

Two summers. But such a different summer is this second one I am in the middle of. Of course some things are the same, the beautiful heat that lingers long into the evening, raspberries that hint of velvet, splashes, pools and glasses of water, shades of green you could never count. But the surroundings....

Fountains that have seen more summers than the people that drink from them.

Roses that scent the walls they climb.

Churches that people walk into day after day, churches that speak of centuries and architecture and skill. And I wonder. Do people realise you can meet him anywhere, that he isn't confined to ancient walls. God of the ages though he may be.

And I want to drain the cup that he gives me, but I don't realise it will never empty. Because his water never stops flowing and I sit still in this second summer, and drink.


Anonymous said...

Sarah -

The picture of you and the rose is absolutely beautiful!!

We are having some very hot days in southern New Jersey. In the 90's most days - our vegetable garden seems to love it, though. The chickens are walking around with their beaks open, panting - we try to give them fresh cool water several times each day. The heat also seems to discourage them from laying eggs - only a few each day when we should be gathering about 10.

Praying for you often and your family. How wonderful that we can trust one another to God's care and keeping even when miles apart.

So happy for your wonderful opportunity to spend time in Europe.
God is good.

Love, Esther

Joyeful said...

"And I want to drain the cup that he gives me, but I don't realise it will never empty. Because his water never stops flowing..."

Beautiful!!! Drinking deep with you, sweet sister!

What lovely pictures! I love the one of you in that dainty lace blouse smelling a perfectly pink rose.

It's a pleasure to meet you : )

Sarah said...

Esther thank you so much for your lovely comment, I honestly feel so blessed to have your prayers! Sounds like a really hot summer you are having, it has been hot here too though thankfully not all the time. Much love in Jesus and hope the chickens are surviving. =)

Joyeful thank you so much for your comment, so nice to see it! Look forward to reading your blog more...Much love in Jesus.