Monday, June 22, 2009

Conical Hill, Sushi and More Coffee

Next stop was Hanmer Springs, a little alpine tourist town where my friend works. We walked up the quaintly named Conical Hill one sunny morning.

And saw a Toadstool!

My first Sushi making attempt. Being complete Sushi amateurs I think we did quite well. It was lots of fun and exceedingly delicious.

Driving back down to Christchurch we encountered this fog all through the valley. Pretty to look at but not so nice to drive through.

A Chai Latte...not mine!

Walking in Christchurch on my last full day there. We were in search of the chandelier cafe as it had left quite a good impression on us.

A Cinnamon Latte...mine!

This movie was so very english. Loved the backdrop and costumes but the storyline wasn't the greatest. We went to see it in a gorgeous old theatre. There were even fires and cosy couches if you wanted to have coffee afterwards.

After the movie we walked past the cathedral which is lit up at night. So gorgeously grand.
It was a wonderful break.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading about your excursions. Looks like it was a unique and enjoyable time. Those coffees look delicious!

Sarah said...

Thank was such a lovely break! Hope you are having a great summer over there. =)