Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In Which I Drink Coffee And Have My Portrait Painted

I'm back! And I had a wonderful time. I took this photo of these snowy capped alps in the middle of an encouraging conversation with a fellow passenger. So nice to meet random strangers and go away feeling blessed.

After being picked up from the airport by my darling friend we spent the afternoon catching up over a delicious lunch in this chandelier bedecked cafe and then walking around the city centre, picking up some gorgeous sale items and enjoying ourselves immensely.
We stopped for coffee in Cathedral square; Caramel Macchiato and White Chocolate Mocha to be precise!
The next day after umming and aahing over what we could do we decided to drive to a French colonial harbour town two hours away. On the way we stopped for more coffee and then stopped again to take photos by a lake in the hills. I'm sure the people driving by thought we were rather mad dashing across the road before the camera went off.
There were quite a few out takes before we managed to get this one!
One of the many French street names in the town. It was such a peaceful little town, and you could almost imagine yourself back in time with all the quaint cottages and shops that date back to the 1800s.

We spied this painter and asked for our portraits to be taken. He was most obliging.
It was such a nice place to spend the afternoon, I think I might have to go back one day and explore more.
To be continued.....

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