Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shadow of Time

It's been too long since I got the camera out of it's bag. I have been pleasantly busy though.
I grabbed the first spare week day I had thanks to school holidays and went on a delivery run with Ben last Wednesday. It was great fun, and I got to drive through a beautiful part of Northland I had never seen before as well as being entertained by Ben's hilarious and nonstop dialogue.
Sunday I drove out to see one of my dearest friends. She has recently moved to her Uncle and Aunt's property to be able to study Midwifery and I got to see her little two roomed cottage for the first time. It is so gorgeously old, with rafters in the ceiling and a bee's nest humming in the walls!
And then amongst the out of the ordinary things there has been work and music, two things that definitely keep me grounded. The shadow of time keeps running on.

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