Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jury Service and Juice Deliveries

Change is refreshing. These past few weeks have been quite hectic but fun. I have had two Mondays off from work; one to look after Briar while Mum was away and one to attend a summons for Jury Service! I really did want to get on the jury but with sixty to eighty people and only 12 places it was a slim chance: my name was not pulled out of the box. It was very intriguing seeing how it all works though.
I came out of the court after being dismissed and just as I was walking across the busy intersection in the middle of our city I saw my brother's new truck (he has just bought a juice franchise) parked across the street. I met a friend of ours just as I was getting to the pavement on the other side so off we both went and did a few deliveries with him. From being in a court to juice deliveries, it was definitely not a dull day!

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