Thursday, January 21, 2010

Assessment Day

I was phoned Tuesday and informed that I could complete the first and final assessment for my Suzuki teaching the very next Tuesday in Auckland. So ensued an extremely mad week! Preparation, filming lessons, polishing pieces, studying teaching points as well as making a wedding cake for a friend and being involved in her upcoming wedding.
I decided to invite a German friend who I have been getting to know recently. Marie has been Au pairing for a family I know and I knew it would be nice to have someone to keep me from stewing too much on the drive down. We went down early and shopped on Queen St, I found my bridesmaid shoes in Vulcan lane and then showed Marie around Ponsonby.
But the dreaded assessment loomed large on the horizon and by the time I got there I felt like I would burst into tears. The assessors were absolutely lovely and so encouraging. I teared up a little after I played my pieces but the rest of it went so well and I think I passed. Still waiting for the official results though!
The incredible relief afterward was wonderful so we went shopping again to celebrate. Sushi for dinner at a charming little place that had a cat asleep on the floor. Quite funny.
Helga the GPS saved us from many a wrong turn and though she talked a little too much( hence her name) we couldn't have done it without her. Small town girl that I am.

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