Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jet Ski Journey To Oakura

Catch up time. Almost two weeks ago now when I was in the middle of assessment preparation I took a day off at the beach. We all journeyed over in groups on the back of our trusty jet ski to a little pebbly cove where the only sign of human life (other than us) was the odd passing yacht. Bliss.

We lay eating oranges that Jeanna (a new american friend) had bought and found out more about her life. We explored the little rise behind the bay and burnt our shoulders in the hot sun.

A little walk up from the beach back into the bush it felt even more isolated. Such stillness and calm. Perfect conditions for mossy logs as well.

The jet ski was in use the whole time, taking people wakeboarding and used as a diving platform. And tipping off the odd tired person!

I fell off just at the very end when we had pulled up to the shore after traveling back, fully dressed, so I can't talk.

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