Saturday, March 27, 2010

130 Year Old Cake and A Tea Party

Today Briar came running to give me a note asking me to a tea party. Since it was a beautiful day I suggested we have one outside and then we went to work making a cake. Not just any cake.. I used a recipe out of my 130 year old Mrs Beeton's cookbook just for fun.

I have to confess we didn't wash the fruit and dry it, I think our dried fruit these days doesn't need washing? And we also didn't use the lard! But I did use a teacup for the measurements.

After making sandwiches and getting teacups and plates out of my stash in my top cupboard we were set.

The cake was interesting, a gingerbread coffee tinged flavour. Perfect with tea.

Afterward we read a storybook with exquisitely painted pictures about a little dutch girl. Briar had wanted me to read it to her ever since we started it and then couldn't finish a while ago. It was the perfect finish to a special afternoon.

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