Thursday, March 4, 2010

A New Chapter With a German Twist

These words you see above are the beginning of a new thing God is doing in my life. Yes. I am going to Germany!
It started back in January when I put my profile on a few au pair sites thinking that maybe this is what I should do this year. I wasn't really sure if anything would happen but I started getting contacted by families. And then an incredible thing happened. A family contacted me who come from the very same city that Marie comes from! And not only the same city but the same area of the city.
I couldn't believe it and though I hadn't been considering Germany as an option I replied. And then we talked. And I am going in May. To be an au pair for a family with two darling little children. I still cannot believe it but am so excited! A lovely family, a beautiful city, and the knowledge that yes this is meant to be. I feel blessed.


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I have to ask what an au pair is. Would that be a nanny? :)

Sarah said...

Don't worry, I have had a few people ask me that. =) Yes it is similar to a nanny in that you are caring for children but different in other ways, it is more of a cultural exchange, a way to experience a different culture.