Monday, March 8, 2010


Friday evening I spent at a country hall till very late, piping and filling cakes. All alone I was remarkably brave until I went outside to my car and a cow decided to bellow in the dark which shattered my strained but under control nerves more than a little. In fact I may have run as fast as I could inside, locked the hall door behind me and not ventured out again till my friends got there. I may have. Anyway the next day I was back at the hall, in the daylight this time and I finished the cakes and then got to go to the wedding! Which was straight out of a fairytale, set amongst pine trees at the top of a hill looking out over misty countryside. Under an arch of two old trees they pledged their love and the fiddles played. Then later the banquet began. Ending with cake as all good banquets should.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, these desserts look delicious! I'm guessing they were just that! :)